Sustainable development in action

In 2009 Trewitax founded the «Trewitax hilft Kindern» (Trewitax helps children) association. It is a tax-exempt, non-profit association that supports children’s aid projects. It receives most of its funding from the Trewitax companies.

The association does not carry out its own projects, but specifically supports small-scale projects that benefit children in some way. Of every franc, 100% goes towards the projects, as Trewitax covers all the administrative costs.

Projects we have supported in the past:


– Pro Pomasqui, Ecuador, construction of a kindergarten for more than 100 children


– Kyon Kann Middle School, Myanmar, construction of a school for a poor rural community


– Robinson playground, Wetzikon, replacement Tipi tent
– Kwawatu, Tanzania, construction of a well
– Tannegg day-care centre – KIUK, outdoor area


–  Support for the Pro Pomasqui association in the construction of the Nuevo Miguelito kindergarten


– Arosa Kultur,  organisation of cultural events for children
– Support of the Barefoot School in Zambia
– Cevi Zürich 


Do you know of a project that needs support? We’re happy to hear your suggestions. Selected projects receive grants of up to CHF 5,000. Sponsorship decisions are made at the end of the year.